Red Hens

Welcome to our Pre-school!

Here you can expect your child to continue developing their independence and start to participate in more structured activities to help get them ready for their next stage in life.... going to primary school! This includes letters and writing, exciting number activities and taking on more responsibility by helping out around the farm. As well as squeezing all this into our daily routine, children take part in adult led phonics sessions held by our pre-school teacher, Starr. 

Our room is purposely laid out in order to provide opportunities to cover all aspects of the early years curriculum. Staff carefully select resources that enable children to stretch their imagination, curiosity and critical thinking. The room is set up each day so that children can take part in maths, reading, writing and messy play activities and our role play and carpet areas offer various free play opportunities for our pre-school children. 

What makes our pre-school special for your child...

Farm Stars

Farm Stars is a weekly dance class that was introduced to the setting by Natalie, as a fun and exciting way to encourage and promote exercise. Starting with a warm up, children are introduced to many different styles of music and dance such as; ballet, latin, street and disco. During the cool down, children get the opportunity to talk about the muscles they have used and feel their heartbeats.  Where possible, the sessions will incorporate the topic of the day using props or specific movement. Overall, the class is a fun way for children to release some energy!

Growing Confidence

In Red Hens we promote confidence by encouraging curiosity and independent learning.  The environment in which the children play, provides various opportunity for them to seek out new and exciting challenges. They are comfortable in learning through their own trail and error in a safe and stimulating surrounding. We believe this is fundamental in a child developing their own confidence and curiosity to the world around them. 

Transitioning to School

One of our main focuses in Red Hens is that of school readiness. We do our best to ensure that children have as smooth of a transition from nursery onto school as possible. As well as following a structured daily routine, children take part in weekly physical education sessions, teacher led phonic activities and practice school lunches. Closer to the time, there is also opportunity for teachers from local schools to come into the setting to visit the children in a familiar environment.

Meet the Red Hens team

Lauren Hughes - Early Years Foundation Degree - Room Leader


"Hi my name is Lauren, I have worked at Beechwood Farm Day Nursery since 2017 and I'm currently  room leader in our pre-school. I hold a foundation degree in early years and I am paediatric first aid trained. I have over 7 years experience working in early years where I have also completed various training courses, such as safe guarding and behaviour management. 

My Favourite part of my role is seeing the children's imagination come to life through their play! I have a daughter of my own so my weekends are usually spent at the park or staying at our caravan in wales, we also love trips to the cinema!"

Starr-lee Highdale - Qualified Teacher


"I am Starr and I am a qualified teacher with 7 years experience working with young children. Previously to BFDN, I have worked in reception and year 1 classes. This experience allows me to prepare children for school,  by developing their knowledge and skills needed for an effective transition and journey through the early years.  

I really enjoy working in this setting because there are so many learning opportunities available around the farm environment!

I am responsible for delivering phonics and maths activities which excite children and stretch their development. If you have any questions, I'm more than happy to have a quick chat either at the start or end of the day!"

Natalie Done - Level 3 Child Learning & Development


"I'm Natalie and I work in our pre-school room where I enjoy teaching farm stars, craft activities and developing the imagination through stories and role play. I have 11 years experience in child care working at Beechwood Farm Day Nursery. I have a level 3 in Child Care Learning and Development, a 1st BTEC Diploma in Performing Art and I'm first aid trained.  I also have 3 children of my own, a girl and twin boys and my main hobbies are dance and music!"