Caring for the animals

 The children participate in lots of the outdoor activities that running a farm involves, this includes caring for the animals. With one rabbit, numerous chickens, ducks, donkeys and sheep - there is always something to be doing on the farm. The children take it in turns to care for 'Peter Rabbit', changing his bedding, fetching clean water and feeding him. We also take out all of Paul's vegetable peelings and food scraps from the kitchen to feed to the pigs. However, possibly one of the children's favourite time of year is the spring, when lambing season comes around and we get to see all the new baby lambs leaping around the fields. Also, its around this time that Farmer Richard brings the duck eggs into nursery in a cosy incubator and the children get to see them hatching!


Outdoor play

With 25 acres of space to explore, each day can be different at BFDN. We regularly get our wellies on and go for farm walks, either to say hello to the animals, collect natural resources for our activities or just to get some fresh countryside air. Our little ones love going out in the buggies and waving to the donkeys. Whilst our adventurous older ones often make the climb up 'the big hill', with a drink and a snack in tow, to look out over all the animals below. Picnics on the garden and tractor washing are some of our favourite activities in the warmer months; and forest days ignite lots of imagination all year round.


Rain or Shine

Given our surroundings, we make sure we get outside whenever and wherever we can - this means wellies are a must as splashing around in puddles can be so much fun! We also ask for warm coats, hats, scarves and gloves during the colder months so we can make the most of the great outdoors. During the summer months we take a lot of our activities outside and spend as much time on the garden, playing and exploring as possible. So sun hats and suncream are needed to protect ourselves!