Healthy Children Equal Happy Children

Meet Paul, BFDN chef...


Our qualified, on-site chef Paul can be found cooking up a storm in our kitchen using lots of fresh local produce. He is also a huge hit  around nursery, often joining the children to deliver fun culinary activities including: chopping fresh vegetables to make soup and bread and biscuit making. Paul is also great at catering to any dietary requirements and can always offer a tasty alternative when required.

Seasonal Menus


Just like we focus on the great outdoors  through our play, we also bring the outdoors in through our scrumptious seasonal menus. Paul plans and delivers hearty, warm meals in the colder months such as his famous roast dinner or winter vegetable soup with homemade bread rolls, and lighter, refreshing meals in the warmer months such as 'build your own' pasta salad and fruity frozen yoghurts. 

Healthy Balanced Meals


We follow the 'Eat Well Plate' to ensure our meals are healthy and balanced. With lots of fruit and vegetables, we are giving little mouths the best possible produce and all they need for an exciting, busy day of imaginative play and learning. We also focus  on keeping our little ones hydrated with plenty of water. Our over 2's have sports bottles in the rooms to monitor water intake and we encourage the use of normal cups at meal times to practice pouring skills. 

Take a look at our Seasonal menus below

Current Winter Menu 2018/19 (docx)


Example Summer Menu 2019 (docx)